Gnmond 1.0 released

July 2nd, 2009

Gnmond version 1.0 has been released today.

Gnmond is a monitoring tool for computer clusters, that collect data originating from individual hosts, analyzes it and provides a concise view of the individual cluster’s state to other monitoring systems.

Gnmond was originally designed as an intership project at Paul Scherrer Institute in Switzerland, to collect data from the Ganglia Gmond daemons, aggregate and analyze the date on a per cluster basis and supply the cluster state summary to Nagios; therefore the name of the tool “Ganglia Nagios MONitoring Daemon”.

Thanks to the plug-in implementation of Gnmond, its functionality can be easily extended beyond the original design and its data processing logic is highly customizable.

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Additional Information about Gnmond can be found in the documentation.